Zachary's Site

This is my website for computer science 1. We are learning C#. C# is for making Windows apps.
is my first year of programming. Some day I want to take computer science at Azusa and work at google.

Goodbye Page

September 14th 2018

This project tells you different ways to say goodbye in different languages.

Help Page

September 20th 2018

Its a Help page

Mailing Label

September 26th 2018

outputs mailing information for a label

Car Rental

October 4th 2018

Aids a Person that works at a car rental service by calculating costs


October 8th 2018

calculates your body mass index

Test Score

October 17th 2018

this project calculates the average and the test score

Dice Game

October 25th 2018

This project rolls dice and the cost

Craps game

November 1st 2018

This is a project that calculates how a craps game functions

Slot Machine

November 6th 2018

this project calculated three rollers seperatley and recreates a slot machien

Tshirt program

November 29th 2018

this project tells you the total price of the shirts you want to get


December 21 2018

Output football scores a about page for each team and 2018 roster


Febuary 1st 2019

Recreate TicTacToe in C#

Pac Game/Basio Ai

March 19th 2018

make a game with basic ai

space invaders

March 29th 2018

make space invaders type game where they come down when they hit the sides